El Podenco is a Spanish restaurant located in Luxembourg’s Clausen district.

We firmly believe in the farm-to-table philisophy and in preserving the traditions of taste and respect for the ingredients.

We invite you to partake in a culinary adventure with us from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

El Podenco is located in a historical building in Luxembourg’s Clausen District, the Hondhaus.

The Hondhaus was initially built as a Kennel during Count Mansfeld Gouvernancy of Luxembourg (16th Century). Mansfeld’s castle was a stone’s throw away.

The adjacent building was initially a Chapel and was later converted into lodging. Over the centuries, the Hondhaus has housed many cafes, bars and restaurants.

In 2015, we brought El Podenco to the Hondhaus. The Podenco is a noble Iberic breed of hunting dog, bearing homage to both Spanish traditions as well as the the Hondhaus’ long and diverse history.

Our team is fiercly dedicated to the authentic traditions of Spanish cuisine.

We work directly with small farmers, hunters and suppliers mostly in the Toledo and Castilla y Leon regions of Spain.

Our menu is largely composed of seasonally available Spanish classics like Jamon Pata Negra and whatever fresh, in season ingredients we have exceptionally been able to import any given week.